The Department of Youth and Sports provides youth health and development programmes to nurture and empower youth with necessary values and skills to enable them to cope with emerging challenges and provide avenues for their positive growth. The Department is therefore guided by the following vision and mission.


A nation where youth is an asset, well supported by and contributing to the harmony of society.


To provide youth health and development programs to enable youth to be physically fit and mentally prepared with moral values and skills necessary to become productive and responsible citizens.


To realize its vision and mission, the Department of Youth and Sports has the following mandates:

  • Provide recreational, educational and therapeutic services to Youth through thematic Youth forums and other need based youth programmes.
  • Facilitate provision of health services by providing adequate hygiene and sanitation facilities in schools, maintaining student health records and implementing health advocacy programmes and life skills education.
  • Promote and strengthen the Scouting programme to assist youth to acquire leadership qualities and build strong values of "Tha Dhamtsi and Lay Zumday"
  • Enhance participation in games and sports in schools through formulation of proper sport guidelines, technical support, training and coordination of regional and national sports meet.
  • Enhance youth exchange and culture education programmes to foster cultural understanding, citizenship, friendship and international partnership.
  • Promote and strengthen the Career Guidance and Counseling services in schools as well as provision of referral counseling services to youth in conflict with law.
  • Conduct need based training of focal teachers and instructors to upgrade their knowledge and skills in the professional field of Counseling, Health, Scouting and Games & Sports.
  • Create awareness on different vocational trades through establishment, expansion & diversification of vocational clubs in secondary schools.
  • Expand and enhance the school-based parenting education and awareness programme....