17th YouTurn Talk held at Pelkhil HSS

Photo of Khenpo Nimashar interacting with youth participants

As part of YouTurn, the monthly motivational talk for youth initiated in 2016, the Youth Center Division of the Dept. of Youth and Sports, MoE conducted the 17th episode of the talk at Pelkhil HSS yesterday. Themed ‘The Value and Dignity of Life’, the talk was delivered by Khenpo Nimashar of Tango Dorden Tashithang Buddhist University who has the experiences and wisdom to inspire young minds through Buddhist philosophies and values. Considering the emerging youth concerns such as substance abuse, depression, suicide, gang violence and other issues affecting the lives of so many young people in the country, the talk was designed to help young people understand the true meaning and purpose of life so that they can lead a meaningful and responsible life.

Based on his own personal life experiences and wisdom, Khenpo motivated the participants to stay positive and lead a healthy and meaningful life, free from the influence of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and other undesirable social ills. His talk basically highlighted three most important aspects of a meaningful life: staying away from drugs and alcohol, promoting Bhutanese culture and not adopting foreign cultures, and taming one’s own mind to foster self-contentment and peace. His talk helped young people understand who they are and what they should do to become a healthy and socially responsible person. Blended with real life stories and experiences, his talk was very inspirational and insightful for young people. The talk was attended by 114 students of the school.

YouTurn was initiated in September 2016 as part of the effort of the Youth Center Division, DYS, MoE to regularly interact with youth and motivate them to stay positive. Till date, speakers from different professional backgrounds such as bloggers, policy-makers, writers, counsellors, enterpreneurs and film-makers have been invited to deliver the talk on various themes. It is expected that these talks would have inspired our youth to become strong and strive for excellence in whatever they do. Through this program, youth are expected to see the light at the end of every tunnel they go through in life and find new hopes for future. This program is supported by RGoB.

Photo of youth participants attending the talk