Comprehensive Sexuality Education workshop for Muenselling Institute of Khaling

Recognizing the importance of addressing the sexual and reproductive health needs of children with visual impairment and associated disabilities, the Youth Center Division of the Department of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education is reviewing the Life Skill Education (LSE) Guidebook for Teachers. The 6-day workshop which is being held in Thimphu since 9th November, 2020 is designed to make the guidebook more inclusive and relevant to the needs of visually impaired children/youth so that the contents can be effectively delivered to them. The participants are reviewing each module and developing alternative strategies to make the activities more inclusive and participatory for visually impaired children and youth.

This initiative is part of the Youth Center Division’s effort to expand Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) for youth with disabilities so that they can lead a healthy and responsible life. Since all young people have similar sexual and reproductive health needs, it is important that youth with disabilities are also equipped with life skills to cope with their needs as they grow up.

Since Muenselling Institute of Khaling has a significant number of visually impaired children/youth, the CSE program is planned to be introduced at the Institute from the 2021 academic year. Through this program, it is expected that the students of the Institute would be able to apply various life skills to cope with their emerging needs.

A total of 9 relevant officials including four teachers from Muenselling Institute are taking part in the workshop which will end on 14th November, 2020. This activity is supported by UNFPA.