The Career Education & Counselling Division (CECD) under Department of Youth & Sports (DYS) has been working toward institutionalizing the School Guidance and Counselling program in secondary schools, and till date, various initiatives have been implemented since 1997. These include training of teacher counsellors, student support programmes, school based parenting education program, school based vocational education, developing resource kits and materials and providing consultation/Supervision, counselling referrals and technical support to the schools. CECD also publishes a bi-annual Youth Magazine which is distributed to all schools in the country. Besides the Divison also provides Youth Support Services like Walk-in Counselling, Telephonic Counselling (Nazhoen Helpline -214) and youth related information and services and counselling through mobile-based App mPowerYouth.


  • promote and integrate Psychological and mental well-being and principles through all daily school activities
  • engage with members of the school community (parents, students, administrators, teachers, student services personnel and support staff) to improve all students educational experience
  • promote and enhance learning by providing students with knowledge and skills appropriate for their developmental level
  • ensure every student has equitable access to guidance and counselling
  • offer programs to students to develop academic studies, career pathways, and personal and social skills

Career Education and Counselling Division focuses on the following School based programs and Activities:

  1. School Guidance and Counselling Program:Career Education and Counselling Division selects and appoints School Guidance Counsellors (SGC) to all Secondary Schools in Bhutan. CECD also provides professional support and trainings to SGCs and to schools to avail basic counseling services through development of resource materials, training and placement of focal teachers in schools. CECD currently has placed 75 SGCs in 75 secondary schools and central schools in 20 Dzongkhags in Bhutan.Apart from providing one-one counselling services, the School Guidance Counsellors also plan and implement comprehensive Developmental, prevention, intervention and responsive program and services in their school in line with the needs of the school. To cater to the whole student population, School Guidance Counsellors also conduct Guidance Classes on topics ranging from self-esteem, career education, life skills, mindfulness, planning and goal setting. The desired outcomes of the Guidance Class are increased self-awareness, resilience building, dissemination of awareness & information, personal & social skills building. School Guidance Counsellors also plan and implement general prevention programs on Substance use and its effects, Awareness to Parents and Community through Parenting Education, Peer-peer support strategies and intervention for at-risk students.
  2. School-based Parent Awareness Education Programme(SPEA):This program was introduced to create a forum where the parents could share and learn from each other about child rearing experiences, whereby hoping to address the emerging youth issues in our rapidly changing society.  This program is also a link between the parents and the schools so that they could work in collaboration for the benefit of the children. Currently the program has been introduced in 185 schools and various resource materials like the SPEA manual, guidelines and audio visuals exists to assist the implementation of the program.
  3. Vocational Education Program:The School-based Vocational Education (SBVE) program supports and promote vocational activities through strengthening the vocational clubs.  Vocational training clubs in carpentry, plumbing and electrical were introduced in 1999 in two lower secondary schools and seven middle secondary schools.  Later the Division even diversified vocational activities by introducing weaving, tailoring and baking clubs clubs.  With 97 multi-skilled instructors, today 48 schools have essential vocational equipment and functional Vocations clubs. To make the clubs more interesting and offer alternatives to students other vocational clubs like hair dressing, photography, art and music are proposed to be introduced in future.

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