Financial Literacy training for Volunteers

Volunteerism amongst young people is becoming visible; there are now 15 youth-led groups under the banner of Young Bhutan Network (YBN) which is an encouraging sign. These youth groups raise funds as well as receive funds to implement activities; however, most of them lack the knowledge and the skills to keep accounts. Therefore, the Youth Centre Division, Department of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education in collaboration with the Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan and supported by UNICEF Bhutan have organized a 3-day program for volunteers from various youth groups under YBN (Young Bhutan Network) to make them financially literate from 28-30 October, 2020 at the Thimphu YFISC training hall. The youth volunteers will be equipped with the skills and knowledge on learning to develop business model canvas, basic book keeping and manage their finances effectively & carefully.

There are 24 young people from 12 youth-led groups attending the workshop.