Globalizing Messengers of Peace Network for Rovers Phase III, 12-16 February 2021

The Workshop on Globalizing Messenger of Peace Network for Rovers is a program to build the capacity of young people in the Colleges to engage in community service actions to address local issues. The workshop is organized by the Scouts and Culture Education Division, Department of Youth and Sport, Ministry of Education in partnership with UNICEF Bhutan.
The Messengers of Peace program is a Scouting program to enable young people to become Messengers of Peace through actions with good turns and community development projects. This Workshop will provide comprehensive and practical means to implement programs and activities. 19 Rover Scouts from five Colleges are attending the training.
This Workshop will enable Scouts to apply their leadership skills in creating a better community and encourage others to share the story of their experience. The Messenger of Peace Network will help Scouts to implement ideas and undertake community development projects to create positive impact in the Society.