Hon’ble Minister Lyonpo Jai Bir Rai Graced the Closing Ceremony of the 12th Leadership Training for Scouts

Hon’ble Minister, Ministry of Education Lyonpo J.B. Rai graced the closing ceremony of the 3 Weeks Leadership Training for Scouts at Tencholing MTC, Wangdue. A total of 125 Scouts studying in Class XII in 20 Dzongkhags and 4 Thromdes successfully completed the training. Scouts were engaged in various activities and events that cater to Leadership development, Citizenship education, developing resilience to change and instill a sense of comradeship among young people. The program also intends to instill the values of Tha-Dham-tse and Lye-Bju-drey to ensure active participation of young people in nation building. A total of 5 outstanding Scouts who have completed the training will be awarded Scholarship to study in the best university abroad through His Majesty’s Secretariat annually.

A total of 1466 Scouts from Classes X and XIIhas been trained with 12th Batch of Leadership Training for Scouts .

Impression on the 12th Leadership Training for Scouts

To stand here in front of everyone with such pride and honor representing the 12th leadership training, I, scout Ngawang Choden would like to deliver the training impression.

The 21 day program reminds me of a quote once said by Martin Luther King Jr. I quote, “if you can’t fly then run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” I unquote. Within the first few days of our training, we were already exhausted. We looked at each other, hopeless and tired unsure of whether we were going to survive such military training. We were forced to break our boundaries, we were pushed past our comfort zones and some of us eventually broke down and cried. But that didn’t stop us from trying harder.

We were not only trained physically but also mentally and spiritually. Physically though different military exercises. For some waking up early and getting ready 15 minutes before the given time was a challenge but eventually all of us could do it. We now realize that the advantages of physical fitness go past the physical aspects.

The most interesting and fun activities were white water rafting, rappelling, river crossing lesson and weapon training. It was good moment to see my fellow scouts open up and talk about their fears. Some were afraid of heights, some of water and some were afraid of the noises the weapons made. The moment became even better when we motivated each other and helped face one another’s fears.

 The rappelling class made scout Palden lhamo scream out her father’s name and made Scout Chimi Seldon look up to the sky in search of god. We can learn a lot about courage and resilience from them because the second time they climbed uphill to rappel down, we could still see fear in their eyes but this time along with their fears, they had courage to face it.

It’s true what they say, “What doesn’t kills you make you stronger, stand a little taller. What doesn’t kill you makes you a fighter, your footsteps even lighter.”  To give another example on this we have Scout Sangay Zangmo and Choki Wangmo. All of us have seem them fall, hard-on the surface of the ground. One was limping around while the other was walking around with a case of low blood pressure and a weak pulse but that’s not the point.  The point here is despite all that; they finished 1st and 3rd respectively during the 5km run. Who even thought about it?

Besides all that we were really fortunate to have our king visit us. We all could see his growing concern for us youths. It was mainly focused on the proper usage of language and reading. To have our king share such concern, we are now all equally worried. The responsibility of correcting and teaching our children the proper use of language does not only fall on the parents but also the society and us, youth leaders. As said by His Majesty, “The future of our nation lies in the hands of our younger generations.” And if we do not groom our children right from the beginning, we may not have anyone to hand our kingdom to.

We were also lucky enough to be an audience for our Prime Minister and his Royal Highness Dasho Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck and that’s why we feel the weight of extra responsibilities on our backs.

Lastly, I, on behalf of the 12th leadership training would like to say that we are very much grateful to our beloved king for initiating such an amazing and interactive program for scouts. In this 3 weeks, we have not only bonded but we have become ONE and today we stand tall, ready to step forward and make even the smallest contribution possible because tiny drops of water make a mighty ocean.

20 years from now, we may not remember exactly what we did here in Tencholing but we will always remember how we felt, the feeling of pride, patriotism and nationalism catching fire deep within our bones.

We will forever be thankful and we promise that this training will not be wasted; we are forever ready to serve our TSA-WA-SUM whenever and wherever needed. Palden Drukpa, Gyalo!

Thank you and happy scouting!

Impression reported by:

Scout Ngawang Choden

Phuntsholinh HSS