International Youth Day 2020

International Youth Day 2020

Date: 12th Aug, 2020

Theme: Youth Engagement for Global Action.

Had it not for the nationwide lockdown in the country, we at the Dept. of Youth and Sports under the Ministry of Education would have celebrated this year’s International Youth Day with a small group of youth in Thimphu today. But although we could not come together to celebrate the day today, our young people shall go ahead with their plans to continue their efforts to help the government combat COVID-19 pandemic in the country especially through online campaigns. Based on the UN theme for the day “Youth Engagement for Global Action”, a number of activities have been planned to be implemented by different youth groups in an effort to fight this pandemic.

On 10th August 2020, a day-long workshop on communication strategies was organized for about 16 youth in preparation for their online campaign which was supposed to be launched on the International Youth Day. The youth participants from different youth-led groups under Young Bhutan Network were introduced to different strategies for getting their messages across the communities more effectively. Facilitated by Communication experts from UNICEF, the sessions were designed to equip the participants with knowledge and skills that would help them become better advocates of change in the society.

At the end of the day, the participants developed their action plans to contribute towards fighting COVID-19. They pledged to launch online campaigns through the social media platforms of their respective groups to raise public awareness on how to stay safe in the wake of the pandemic. Some of the activities they have planned to initiate are: production and circulation of short videos on the proper usage and disposal of facemasks, messages on the prevention and risks of COVID-19, articles of gratitude to the frontline workers, sensitizing young mothers in the neighborhood on COVID-19 and supporting underprivileged children/youth. While those activities requiring physical interaction may not be feasible during the lockdown, they will continue to implement other activities that can be delivered through online channels.

It was a very good opportunity for young people to embark on yet another exciting journey to be part of the national effort to contribute to the society in the wake of this pandemic. Many of them had been already actively involved in the effort, both as young Desuups and as social workers, but this year’s International Youth Day gave them the opportunity to renew their commitment to contribute even more.

This initiative was coordinated by Youth Center Division, Dept. of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education and was supported by UNICEF.

On this special occasion today, we at the Dept. of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education would like to wish every youth in Bhutan a very happy International Youth Day 2020!

Please stay home and stay safe. We can prevent this pandemic only if we strictly follow the existing protocols in place and take care of ourselves. Let us protect ourselves to protect others and the country at large.