International Youth Day Celebration at Gelephu

IYD 2017 logo

The International Youth Day is observed across the globe on 12th August every year to recognize young people as potential agents of change and to celebrate their achievements in the society. In Bhutan, the Youth Center Division,  Department of Youth and Sports, MoE has been coordinating the event since 2010 to recognize the role our Bhutanese youth play in shaping the country’s future and to celebrate their achievements together.

This year, 11th and 12th of August will be celebrated with the youth of Gelephu at the Youth Friendly Integrated Service Center. Based on the UN theme for the day “Youth Building Peace”, the program shall consist of numerous exciting activities designed to recognize and celebrate the positive energies of young people and to create an understanding that youth can be important partners in conflict resolution and sustaining peace in the society. Prior to the actual event, there will be a day-long discussion forum with over 80 youth to explore and understand some of the emerging youth issues in Gelephu region and to identify how youth can contribute towards promoting peace in their community. A panel discussion will also be held in the afternoon to create a platform for youth and stakeholders to share their views and concerns.

On the actual day, we will have thematic talk, cultural programs, poster competitions, indoor and outdoor games, and other displays as part of the celebration. The winners of various competitions will be awarded nominal cash prizes and certificates as a token of appreciation and encouragement. In total, it is expected to bring together about 100 youth including students and out-of-school youth. The youth volunteers of Phuntsholing Youth Center who are part of the Youth Peaceable Group initiated last year at the Center to resolve conflicts and promote peace in the community are also invited to share their experiences. The program is supported by UNICEF.