SCOUT CHALLENGE COVID-19: A Digital Advocacy Program

As a mitigation steps to prevent COVID-19 outbreak in Bhutan, the schools, colleges and institutes has been closed with the children sent back home.  All the children living in towns and rural communities across Bhutan are therefore requested to adhere to the directives of the Government and health professionals by staying at home reading books, e-learning through online/offline resources and helping parents in household chores. To this effect, the Hon’ble Prime Minister in his address to the nation stated that, “If children are found to be roaming and gathering in large numbers then the RBP will question them and even the parents will be asked to explain”. The same concern has been notified by RBP for surveillance and strict compliance.

It is time we use Scout principles of duty to self and others as a model to take care of each other and demonstrate resilience, adaptability and unity during a difficult time. It is our moral duty to convene young people in a different way and help them stay at home, practice social distancing, avoid gathering in large numbers, roaming in the towns, avoid going out in groups assuming to be on a vacation mood.    To challenge this, BSA urges all Unit Leaders, CBS volunteers, Rovers and Leadership Scouts to mobilize PEER to PEER Advocacy PROGRAM virtually through SOCIAL MEDIA. The virtual advocacy mey be initiated in a small group or individual as convenience.

We also suggest our leaders and Scouts to initiate social media challenge as cited below to exhibit their commitment and sense of duty to the nation;








We are SCOUTS and can make DIFFERENCE in life of every Bhutanese and the future of Bhutan. LET US TAKE ACTION NOW AGAINST COVID-19.

Chief Commissioner

Bhutan Scouts Association