Scout Division Prepares for future COVID-19 situation through Capacity building of Scouts

In collaboration and partnership with the UNICEF Bhutan office, the Scouts and Culture Education Division, Department of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education conducted a day long orientation program for Leadership Scouts on 27th May, 2020 in Thimphu. The program was initiated with objective to build capacity of Scouts and help young people remain prepared to face adverse situation caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

A total of 21 Leadership Scouts from Thimphu were oriented on COVID-19 Manual developed by Ministry of Health, Basic Psychological Skills and Crowd Management focusing on advocacy and awareness on social distancing and Druk Trace app. They had an opportunity to learn basic safety skills understanding the standard health protocols to keep the safe and protected from COVID-19 during duty. The Scout Division will deploy Leadership Scouts in COVID-19 duty and assist RBP personnel and De-suups when ever required. The initiative is aligned with the Education Contingency Plan under Scout Division intended to support young people while in school and community during the emergency situation caused due to COVID-19 pandemic.

With support from UNICEF Bhutan office, the Department of Youth and Sports will initiate similar program to Scouts in other Dzongkhags and Thromdes on need base.