Youngdrel- A Digital Scout Camp

Greetings to all young Scouters!

During this global pandemic,we bring you an Online Camp ‘Yong-drel Get-together’ with emphasis on learning & building Scouting through networking.

The participants will learn the Scouting fundamentals according to their ranks/positions & certificate awarded in the end.

Online sessions, talent display, & many other activities shall be conducted by Adult Leaders,Experts, Rovers & Young Scouts. This will provide platform to those who have zeal in learning Scouting skills & knowledge.

It will also help those who have not been able to progress in their advancement due to the absence of Scouting program in Schools.

Registration starts from 28th April 2020 from 5 pm till 7th May 2020, 5 pm.
Interested Scouts may submit your name, rank in Scouting, current school, scout.org # tag no. & email.

You may directly drop your details in comment box or mail at wangchukt687@gmail.com